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Collection: ManyMonths® Baby and Kids Wool

The ManyMonths® collection brings you Finland merino wool clothing for babies and kids! Merino wool is very soft, comfortable, breathable, yet isolating. It's one of the greatest natural fibers for children to wear and especially important for small babies, since it helps with the regulation of body temperature. The absorbent, hollow fibers in wool help keeping the child's delicate skin dry. In the cold season, the numerous air pockets between the naturally crimped wool fibers also help to retain body heat and keep warm air circulating freely next to the skin of your child.

Wool: Wicks moisture away from the skin (absorbing up to 35% of its own weight), has antistatic properties, is naturally flame-resistant, keeps its shape well, is naturally UV-resistant and antibacterial, breathable, thermoregulating, creates less laundry (airing is usually enough when not stained) and is less likely to absorb odors


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