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About Us

Wee Seedling is an ethical and sustainable children's clothing brand. Wee strive to promote the Slow Clothing Movement by orchestrating intention at every step of the process, from crop to finished product. Our clothing style promotes natural fibers, durability, practicality, and freedom of movement. As a whole, wee are a collection of artists, bringing together a vision for a transparent clothing line that builds community, supports diversity, and shows care with how we imprint on the world.

Designed for Families

Our designs are simple yet unique, and our clothing is made to be durable for play and easy to take on and off. Add some softness, room for cloth diapers and freedom of movement and it's the perfect combination. You'll also find that because of our foldable cuffs and generous cut, our clothes will grow with your child for longer wear.


Your support matters. When you support us, we will support non-profit organizations. For now, this is a work-in-progress and a goal of ours for 2022. 

Building Community

Our Wee Seedling Insiders Facebook Group holds a community of parents and caregivers who share a love for Wee Seedling and for supporting one another through the ups and downs of parenting/caregiving. Wee value our community and often ask for feedback and release sneak peeks of our upcoming releases, just for you! 

Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

Diversity, inclusion and equity matter to us. Wee encourage our community to speak out on these matters. Wee are here to listen! Think we can do more? Send us an email!

Support Small

Wee prioritize hiring/contracting with individual artists, moms who work from home, and small businesses. 

Our small manufacturer is woman and mom owned in Boston MA. Danielle works directly with their founder and production manager to coordinate everything from the beginning stages of collection planning, all the way through production.


Wee want to empower our customers by providing information regarding our ethical and sustainable responsibility. Wee encourage you to read our transparency statement in the menu at the top of the page.

Cradling Mother Nature

It is our responsibility and strong commitment to our customers and the earth that wee reduce our carbon footprint. This is an on-going process that you can read more about in our transparency page.