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Washing and Sizing

ManyMonths® Wool Washing Instructions

ManyMonths® wool is machine washable! Please hand or machine wash cold on wool/delicate cycle with wool detergent and lay flat to dry. Do not wring, bleach, or dry clean. Please use a lingerie bag if machine washing to prevent snags.

For wool detergent, Wee recommend using Unicorn Fibre Wash and Fibre Rinse (conditioner) for the best results. It is HE safe and they are made in the USA without dyes, phosphates, fillers or irritants. Danielle has been using their products on wool for years and she believes it is by far superior to other wool washes. If you like unscented, please choose their "Beyond" Fibre line. Wee will have Unicorn products available in our shop soon!

Pima Cotton Washing Instructions

To ensure longevity of our organic cotton fabrics, we recommend machine washing on cold and tumble drying on low. If you're particularly adventurous, our clothing will appreciate a nice hand wash and being hung to dry. All of our organic cotton is pre-shrunk! 

ManyMonths® Sizing 

Please refer to the ManyMonths® size chart below. Over time, we will develop our own sizing guidance that corresponds with USA sizing. 

All ManyMonths® items are made according to Scandinavian sizing norms. They are designed to grow along your child, transitioning and adapting from month to month, and even years. Clever solutions, adjustable waist, long foldable cuffs and extension parts ensure that the products are always comfortable to use. All clothing at the bottom of the size range will require cuffs to be folded and adjustments used.

ManyMonths® clothes are generously cut to accommodate cloth diapers. If you are not babywearing nor using cloth diapers – feel free to choose a smaller size if it seems to give a better fit.

Please take into account that the items in 100% organic cotton will look big and shrink in the first wash to get into the size intended.

Double Sizes

Some items are available in combo sizes covering even more months and some are marked with a PLUS, meaning that they are a little wider.

MaM® Women's Sizing

MaM size XS S M L XL onesize
European size 34cm 36cm 38/40cm 42/44cm 46cm fits most

MaD® Men's Sizing 

All Men's garments are supposed to fit snug.

MaD size S M L XL
Bust (cm) 92cm 98cm 106cm 114cm
Waist (cm) 76cm 86cm 96cm 106cm
Hip (cm) 94cm 102cm 110cm 118cm
Collar 37/38cm 39/40cm 41/42cm 43/44cm