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Collection: MaM® and MaD® Adult Wool

MaM® & MaD® are Family Woollies made for adults from 100% pure, natural merino wool. These fibres have a memory, are particularly elastic and spring back to shape just by airing/resting them for about a day. Natural merino fibres will bend some 20,000 times and still keep their shape pretty great from month to month and even years - around the sleeves too, even if you tend to roll them up and at the tummy even after pregnancy. For teens and adults odor control is another wonderful benefit of Natural Woollies.

Wool: Wicks moisture away from the skin (absorbing up to 35% of its own weight), has antistatic properties, is naturally flame-resistant, keeps its shape well, is naturally UV-resistant and antibacterial, breathable, thermoregulating, creates less laundry (airing is usually enough when not stained) and is less likely to absorb odors

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